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Welcome to Healthy Hit List.  Glad you made it!   I’ve always been a connector and my hope is that this site can connect you with products to improve your health and well being from the inside out.

How I got here

So a bit about me. Well my name is Shanna and most of my life I was not happy with how I looked. I wasn’t overweight as a kid but I wasn’t as fit as I would have liked to be. In college, despite my terrible eating habits I discovered lifting weights, and received tons of advice about what exercises to do. I loved it. After a weekend at home I would leave extra early in the morning just so I could drive the three hours back to college and make it to the gym before my first class. I barely ever missed a day, and it started to show. A year or two after I graduated I started to read more about nutrition and I realized that while I looked good on the outside I was killing my insides with processed foods containing ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce.

Every year my knowledge on nutrition grew and I cut out more and more foods and supplements. It seemed that I was always changing something and looking back, a lot of what I thought was “healthy” definitely was not! I found it easier to stick to being healthy when I was around like-minded people, and when I was around others that didn’t care too much I would go off track. This is still true today! I always struggled to get past that plateau. In 2014 I decided that I would do something drastic and cut out sugar, which was a good step, but after a month I was bingeing on it, and everything I didn’t have for that month, I made up for it within a few days. This continued for a while; I’d cut it out and then again binge.

This led to massive weight gain. It happened within a few months, and it was so sudden that until I tried to put on my summer clothes that no longer fit, I didn’t realize the amount of weight I had gained.  It took me about two years to lose the weight, and it still does fluctuate from time to time, usually when I have the bright idea of trying to do a crazy cleanse or limit my food intake. When I lost the weight I was working out daily, eating whole foods, staying away from processed foods, and being kind to myself, which is one of the most important things I learned to do for myself.Also, there is no quick fix that truly works. It takes time and consistency.

What can I provide

I’ve always enjoyed sharing any knowledge with others that could benefit their lives. I feel that we are all in this together and by helping someone else, we help ourselves. So if I can make the journey just a little easier for someone else that’s all the reason I need.

My hope

I’d like the knowledge of nutrition to improve, so that people can make informed choices. There are too many products that are out there lying to people just to make a dollar. I want to help support the ones that I’ve used and are of good quality, made from whole foods from the earth.  I’d like others to know that what they use on their skin is just as important as what they put in their mouth.  I don’t always choose the best option, but when I don’t I’m aware of the consequences.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Shanna Stein





  1. I love what you’re promoting here Shanna. I have been making many choices to better myself recently and I am glad I found your site. I will be following you to learn more about healthy eating and living. These days people mostly consume unhealthy foods that do not benefit them. We all should aim towards a more healthy diet.

    • Thanks Tommy! Usually I’ve only gotten the chance to share this info face to face, so it’s nice to finally have a platform where people anywhere in the world can read it. Thank you for the thumbs up!

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